Our bodies, composed of more than 30 trillion individual cells, handle all of their complex functions on their own without our conscious intervention.

Our bodies are geniuses, but usually our thoughts and beliefs hinder their ability to achieve and maintain perfect health.

We think we need all kinds of medications. Unfortunately, these medications are generally designed to treat symptoms instead of causes. Often our bodies have to expend extra energy combatting those unnatural substances when the energy could be spent directly on whatever we’re intending to fix by taking them.

That’s not to say drugs don’t work, or that they’re not necessary. In an objective sense, most drugs do work and are sometimes necessary within our Western medicine belief system. However, a large part of why they work so well on us is our belief that they will work. In past cultures in which they understood the body’s ability to heal itself, modern medication wasn’t around, but these people were still able to be healed, and they lived to see another day.

Most of us don’t believe our thoughts have much or any bearing on our physical health, that we are at the mercy of diseases that happen to us randomly, that we are at the mercy of ailments to which we are genetically predisposed.

As with most beliefs, this one is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The common denominator in all successful physical healing systems, from Western medicine to witch doctors to shamans in the jungle, is the belief in the system’s ability to heal. And so it does.


Mind Over Body

We influence our bodies with our thoughts. This is an indisputable fact.

Our brains communicate with every cell in our bodies with hormones. Different thoughts release different hormones.

Imagine a juicy steak, or a vat of vanilla ice cream, whichever you prefer. Imagine the smell, the look, the taste. Now imagine taking a nice bite or spoonful. You have just made yourself salivate with thought.

Imagine, in vivid detail, having passionate sex with someone to whom you’re strongly physically attracted. Imagine the sights, sounds, sensations. Do that for a minute or two and your body will activating the sexual response: an erection or vaginal wetness.

You can do this exercise with any number of things. It’s a simple way to show the mind’s influence over the body.

Not only do our thoughts influence our bodies, but also the correct thoughts can heal our bodies. Some people are better at it than others. Those who excel at this skill share a deep belief that they areable heal themselves with thought, and those who largely lack the skill share the belief that it’s impossible.

At least in some small way, I hope to show you that you can heal yourself with your thoughts.

I’ll give you some easy practices to get started. If you try them out over a period of time, hopefully you will be able to prove to yourself, as I have to myself, that you are capable of healing pretty much any ailment you experience. Perhaps a more attractive benefit is that, with the correct thoughts and beliefs, you can maintain perfect health and not be at the mercy of seemingly externally caused diseases.


The Placebo Effect

I covered the placebo effect here, so I won’t discuss it in too much detail now.

The placebo effect is simply the body handling business without external factors, or often, in spite of them. It is indisputable proof of the mind’s power over the body.

The converse is the nocebo effect, where our bodies don’t react to medications, etc. that have been shown to affect us in an objective sense, because we don’t believe they will affect us.

So often we look to external factors and forces to make us feel a certain way when the answer was always within. As eternal consciousnesses, we express ourselves through our bodies as long as they continue to breathe, and there’s a definite give-and-take between our minds and bodies. We need to trust that communication and learn to engage it consciously.

When we embrace the placebo effect instead of discounting it, the effect becomes more pronounced and better able to be controlled and manipulated to our benefit.


Talk to Your Body

Something most people don’t realize is that we can talk to our bodies and command/ask them to do the things we want them to. Even though we don’t understand the entire processes by which our bodies function, we can know and feel the end results.

I regularly speak to my body. It understands and follows orders very well because: 1. I trust it to listen; 2. I treat it well (most of the time, and when I don’t, I apologize in earnest); 3. We’ve established a strong connection over the years – it’s a good friend of mine and we take care of each other; 4. I’m grateful for everything it does.

“Body, energize,” over and over while I take a few deep breaths, then I trust it to know what to do with the command. And it does. I did it just now before starting this post because I’m a bit tired from my new, abbreviated sleeping schedule. I’m now wide awake and feeling peachy.

Placebo effect? You bet. But the end result is real energy and wakefulness.

The Best Time to Talk to Your Body

We can have these conversations whenever we want, throughout the day and to whatever end, butthe best time is right before sleep when our conscious focus fades into deeper realms.

While we sleep, our bodies undergo all kinds of complex functions to maintain or obtain health. To prepare for a new day, to recover from a long one. We become cornucopias of flowing hormones, and we can influence the flow to a large degree. We simply need to communicate our bodily desires and sprinkle them with a healthy dose of trust.

Our bodies will obey.

How to Talk to Your Body

The wording doesn’t matter. Only the intent. We can speak out loud, in our heads, speak as if to a god or as if to a child. The important part is that we relay our physical desires to our bodies in a way wecan understand what we want. Our bodies don’t understand words, only the underlying meaning and intent of the words.

“Body, do what you need to do to heal yourself.”

“Body, do what you need to do to heal the ankle that has been giving me pain over the past few days.”

“Body, use that delicious dinner as efficiently as possible to build extra muscle and energize for tomorrow.”

Or you can speak to your body as if you’re speaking to a friend, like I often do. For example, last night:

“Hey Body, what’s up? You doin’ alright? Tough day huh? Thanks for crushing it in the gym today. That was awesome. I can tell you’re a bit tired and have some serious work to do tonight. I’ll leave you to it. Remember bud, I don’t know what you do exactly cuz you’re way better at that stuff than I am, but do whatever you have to do to maintain perfect health. Oh and that damn shoulder huh? A bit sore. Let’s work on fixing that tonight. Cool? Alright man, good luck. I’m going to sleep. Thanks for everything, you’re awesome…and incredibly sexy.”

Seems a bit crazy, I know. Sue me. Fortunately, you don’t have to ever tell anyone you do this. You can keep it to yourself and your craziness will remain private. I can no longer do so after this post, or many others on this site.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how you talk to your body, just that you do. Use whichever method you prefer.


In addition to talking to your body, it’s highly important to visualize the end result you desire. Make sure to do so in vivid detail and to focus on the positive emotions resulting from the visualizations. When the emotions spring up, revel in them and experience them fully.

If you want to feel refreshed and energized, visualize yourself feeling thus, in vivid detail. Enjoy the energetic feelings and imagine all of the things you’ll do.

If you want your broken arm to heal more rapidly (after a doctor or other professional sets it, if necessary), imagine your arm in perfect working order, as strong as it ever was. Feel in your mind what it would feel like to have a perfectly healed arm.

If you want to lose weight, visualize yourself in detail at your desired weight. Imagine what it would feel like as you navigated Earth as a fit person, and revel in those emotions as you drift off to sleep. This is a bit of a different example from the others since, if you’re overweight, you have directly caused the condition by eating too much and exercising too little. While your body can burn extra fat overnight and during the day if you ask it to, visualizing yourself as a fit person will not only help your body achieve the state, but it will inevitably alter your eating and exercise habits if you constantly visualize yourself as fit and revel in the accompanying positive emotions. More to be discussed on this tangent in the future. Stay tuned.

If you want to heal yourself of anything, visualize and imagine what it would feel like to be experiencing your desired result. Do so in as vivid detail as you can muster, really focus on the positive feelings, and when you’re done, forget it all and just trust that your body knows what to do.

Odds are, your body has healed you from quite serious ailments in the past without your conscious knowledge of it. Now all you need to do is give it a little prodding, and again, the very best time to do this is right before you go to sleep when the body has several hours of uninterrupted healing ahead.

Visualizing is just another way of communicating with your body, and it can be especially powerful when combined with having an actual conversation in your mind.

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